Monday, May 4, 2015

A Perfectly Preposterous Panda Postcard

From the Silver Star Elementary Poetry Postcard Project, April 2015 (click to enlarge)

I am in love with this perfect panda poem and artwork by Julia Rose! 
It arrived in my mailbox this weekend and I've been smiling ever since. 

Thanks to Jone Rush MacCulloch for sponsoring this wonderful project to celebrate National Poetry Month, and to the students at Silver Star Elementary in Vancouver, WA for spreading poetry joy, one postcard at a time. 

The postcard I received last year, about a fantastic frog, can be found HERE.


  1. So cute. It's amazing what kids come up with.

  2. How adorable is that?! What a gift this preposterous panda is!

  3. My husband was so impressed by the postcard that I received that he could hardly wait to tell me it arrived.