Thursday, May 21, 2020

DMC: "Presence of Tree" by Michelle Kogan


I am tree…
I rise two stories and more
I have thirty plus years
I watch over windows
I reach into sky
I love all seasons, but
Spring awakens joy in me…
My little green buds begin emerging
My leaves climb out and winged seeds shoot up
Birds sit in my branches: sparrows, robins, and cardinals
An artist watches me,
Sometimes she sketches me.
Sun graces me and
Clouds shelter me
I… am… tree…
I am River birch
I am here for you
Come be with me…

© 2020 Michelle Kogan. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Margaret Simon has challenged us to write a mindful poem about the present moment. Click HERE for more details and to add your poem to the padlet. While some poems will be shared as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, May 29th.


  1. Beautiful, Michelle! A mindful mask poem is a great twist on this month's challenge. Having a two-story-tall tree say "I am here for you" is an unexpected comfort.

    1. Thanks Michelle, tree and I are very happy to be here! Sending leaf-branches of love, xo.

  2. So serene and inviting, Michelle!

  3. So, trees have been on my mind. I read this lovely board book yesterday to my grandson on redwood trees, then last night saw Maria Popova highlighting Whitman's love of trees and walks in the woods and their healing power, and NOW your lovely homage to trees, so important, so varied, so true. And this morning I looked out my own window and saw that our leaves are fully out, finally. Lovely, poem to wrap around me today. Thanks, Michelle. (And Michelle!)

  4. I love how you, the artist, are present with the tree in this persona poem. The echo of I am tree reminds me of Native Americans who speak for the environment. I know this is an important topic to you.

  5. Yes, the environment and nature are there always, and I just recently read Joy harjo's book, "An American Sunrise Poems. Thanks Margaret!

  6. I just read a brainpickings about Whitman and trees. I imagine he would have loved this, as I do, Michelle. That tree, your tree, has hubris.

    1. Yes Whitman had a liking for trees too–trees are truly grand in all senses.

  7. Lovely, Michelle...and so life affirming.