Tuesday, May 12, 2020

DMC: "Down the Drain" by Karen Eastlund


A turn of faucet
Splish splosh sploosh

A squeeze of sponge
Suds ooze and foam

A greasy pot or pan falls in
Soon a shiny one atones

An endless task, yet calming
Warm and wet and clean

Splish splosh sploosh it sings
I scrub and hum along, serene.

© 2020 Karen Eastlund. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Margaret Simon has challenged us to write a mindful poem about the present moment. Click HERE for more details and to add your poem to the padlet. While some poems will be shared as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, May 29th.


  1. love it! And, oddly...this puts me in a happy place. I've always volunteered to do the dishes. I love the warm water, scent of the soap.

  2. Yes, it's wonderful to read this mindful poem about something as mundane as washing dishes, Karen. I love that it's playful too. Funny how some chores become a comfort to us, especially when so much in the world seems out of our control.

  3. Karen, I love your alliterative line and your rhymes. I look at the dirty dishes and think, ugh, but then, if I let myself live in those moments it takes on a whole new meaning which you capture so nicely in your poem. Being present, so important and we don't always manage it. Janet Clare F.

  4. Karen, I love how fun and calming you made the task of dishwashing. If you just let go and be with the moment, the task can be meditative. I've put pots with flowers outside my kitchen window to bring me joy.

  5. Now I understand the good felt when I wash the dishes, Karen. Lovely rhyming, being in that moment is a bestthing at the end of the day!

  6. Thanks for all your lovely words, and thanks to Michelle for highlighting my poem. I have my dad to thank for this. He always said he enjoyed washing dishes for these reasons... and time to think.

  7. I totally get this. I love the peacefulness of doing dishes.