Tuesday, March 13, 2018

DMC: "Beating Heart" by Janice Scully

          ~with a line from "Truth, by Tyrone Bittings"

Oh, for a
good story! A poem
with a beating heart that can
make me sob like a lonely cat, or turn
me, for a moment, into the
ancient snail, slower than the small hand of a clock,
escaping dark forces with my house on my back.

© 2018 Janice Scully. All rights reserved.

"Truth, by Tyrone Bittings" © 2018 Nikki Grimes, from BETWEEN THE LINES.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Nikki Grimes. She has challenged us to write a golden shovel poem using a line from one of the poems in the post.

Leave your golden shovel on our March 2018 padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, March 30th, and one lucky participant will win a copy of her new companion novel to Bronx Masquerade:


  1. This is lovely, Janice! I like each thought, but especially "slower than the small hand of a clock".

  2. Wow, Janice -- this is excellent. As someone who sticks to writing light, rhyming verse, I so admire poets who can evoke deep, "lonely cat" emotions. Well done!

  3. A poem with a beating heart — YES! Thanks for sharing such a fanciful golden shovel, Janice.

  4. Well done, Janice! Happy to see your work here.

  5. Wonderful poem and that last line resonates. Such life pulsing in that poem.

  6. I really love this. Great images.

  7. I love this poem and the challenge. I am with Diane! This is a powerful one, Janice. My favorite, though I do love it all, is... a poem that can "turn me, just for a moment, into the ancient snail"
    Janet Clare F.

  8. It had been so interestong to see where everyone's brains take the lines. This is great, Jan ice!

  9. Love it, Janice, especially, "A poem/with a beating heart."

  10. I'm so glad you liked my poem and it was a joy to read your responses. Michelle has a wonderful blog!