Thursday, October 24, 2019

October DMC Wrap-Up Celebration

Edward Peters

Welcome, my pretties, to our monster menagerie!
Don't be afraid, little ones—


float right in
and make yourself at home.

Cross Duck

Pay no mind to the welcoming committee...


Or this welcoming committee...


Or this welcoming committee...


Or to the dog...

Bill Dickinson

Or the goldfish....


Let's just get down to business, shall we?

At the beginning of this month, Rebecca Herzog challenged us to write poems about monster fears:

"Most everyone is afraid of monsters. But what are monsters most afraid of?"

Anita Hart

Apparently monsters don't get asked to divulge their insecurities very often. They've been coming out of the woodwork to take part in ditty therapy.

I'm pleased to report that, for the time being, they have been patient and well-behaved, awaiting your poetry perusal. No saying what might happen come Halloween night though!

Scroll through the poems below or CLICK HERE to open a new tab.

Made with Padlet

Many thanks to all the glorious and beastly imaginations who contributed to our monster menagerie, and to the creature keeper, Becky Herzog, for opening the cage.

Wait... that's it?! It's over???? 

Jody Sticca

But it's only October 25th and I haven't written my poem yet!

No need to panic. You have until Thursday, October 31st, to add your poem about a monster fear. Your poem may even be featured as a daily ditty next week leading up to Halloween!

Visit Becky's spotlight interview for instructions and then click on the pink dot with the plus sign to add your poem to the padlet. Actually, I'll be leaving this padlet open indefinitely, so you can even leave a poem after Halloween. But like I said, there's no telling about the monsters. In my experience, they only stay well-behaved for so long.

Stay tuned for a new reader spotlight next Friday, November 1st.

Karen Edmisten has her own seasonal tribute this week—join her for the Poetry Friday roundup.


  1. Your pics are monsterrfic Michelle! I especially like those pumpkins at the top. But all those on the greeting committee–I can't choose a favorite, they're all ghouly… And what a bourgeoning of spooky poems you've collected, thanks, Happy Halloween!

  2. Michelle, the monster gallery grows with each breath. You have collected quite an amazing grouping of ghoulish delights thanks to our Becky Herzogn, our favorite creature keeper who opened the cage to a delightful Halloween gallery. I love how you introduced the ditty challenge.

  3. All of these are just so much fun! I'm already looking forward to the next challenge>

  4. What a spooktacular welcoming committee! Enjoyed all the poems and was so happy to see an abecedarian in the group :).

  5. Now I am ready for Halloween! Such fun poems.

  6. Lve your greeters and this spooky spetacular collection, Michelle!

  7. I'm glad there's still a bit more time to see if I can explore a monster's fears! Lots of fun poems on the padlet!

  8. These are such fun! I'm glad I still have time to try one myself. The monsters have been quiet so far this month.

  9. Such a creative bunch of responses to this month's challenge! I'm hoping to participate but inspiration has not yet struck. As Kay says "the monsters have been quiet so far this month." (I hope I'm not duplicating this comment. My internet glitched and I think my original comment disappeared.)

  10. These are so much fun! Everyone did an amazing job.