Wednesday, October 23, 2019

DMC: "Anthrophobia" by Cheriee Weichel

Edward Peters


In my web I hide in silence
Fearful of your awful science

What harm I’ve done I do not know
I wish you did not hate me so

I munch the bugs that harm your plants
I decimate both flies and ants

I venture out at times it’s true
But I don’t mean to startle you

I do my best to help you out
Still you see me and scream and shout

You grab a shoe prepared to swing
I bolt hole from that ghastly thing

Cowering now inside this crack
I wait in fear your next attack

Please not the long and roaring pipe
That suctions web and devours life

Viler still is the noxious spray
From which no beast can get away

© 2019 Cheriee Weichel. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Rebecca Herzog has challenged us to write a poem about something a monster is afraid of. Read my interview with Becky HERE and add your poem about a monster fear to the padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties leading up to Halloween, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration this Friday, October 25th.


  1. Spiders. Sigh. You've certainly done a terrific job of presenting their point of view, Cheriee! Just so you know, I've gotten better over the years. Really, I have. There was only that one time with the Huntsman... in the car. Suffice it to say, I prefer to appreciate them from a distance.

    1. Thanks for this Michelle. I can't even imagine a huntsman. I work hard at getting along with spiders despite my arachnophobia. I too am getting better as I age. So long as they remain out doors, it's ok. I even had one living in my bathroom where it took care of my orchids. If only it had remained there, it might still be alive.

  2. At the workshop, with fall weather, spiders gathered in & yes, some humans needed others to rid the room of those monsters (in their eyes). A wonderful new look at these needed creatures, Cheriee! I love that you included their enemies, that shoe, the spray, & the "long and roaring pipe". Well done!

  3. This makes me actually feel sorry for those scary monsters. If they weren't just so bloody fast!

  4. I don't like ANY bugs in the house... but this did make me sorry for that big spider I killed hovering over my head as I made breakfast yesterday morning. He had to go, though. I can't have him doing that over my eggs and sausage!