Tuesday, October 22, 2019

DMC: "The Night Mare" by Kate O'Neil



When days are dark and nights are long
with no moon in the sky,
when winds howl round the house at night
and unknown creatures shriek in fright,
the Night Mare gallops by.

You’ll hear it whinny, faint but clear,
you’ll feel the air turn cold.
you’ll hear its steady, beating hooves
along the road, across the rooves,
The Night Mare’s tread is bold.

So huddle deep down in your bed
and try to block your ears.
The Night Mare tramples on your dreams,
the Night Mare wants to hear your screams,
the Night Mare feeds on fears.

But when it feels the warmth of love
or sees a kindly light
the Night Mare’s caught out unawares
(it’s terrified of teddy bears)
and gallops out of sight.

© 2019 Kate O'Neil. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Rebecca Herzog has challenged us to write a poem about something a monster is afraid of. Read my interview with Becky HERE and add your poem about a monster fear to the padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties leading up to Halloween, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration this Friday, October 25th.


  1. This is fabulous, the idea of those night 'mares' and the rhythm & rhyme! Thanks, Kate, Rebecca for the super challenge, and Michelle for bringing it!

  2. Fabulous indeed, Kate!!!

    What an awesome build-up. By the third stanza, you had me shaking in my booties, but then Teddy to the rescue. Yippee!

  3. Like Linda B. I love the rhythm & rhyme. I also like that twist at the end.

  4. I loved your play on words with Night Mare- wish I'd thought of it!