Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DMC: "Office Horror Story" by Suzy Levinson


"Come closer," it said,
"for I must be fed.
All documents welcome, 'cause I want to SHRED."

"No, thank you," I said,
creasing with dread.
"A contract like me would prefer to stay read."

"Closer," it pled.
"N-O," I said.
"Why don't you eat that old phone book instead?"

"Tasty," it said.
That's when I slipped off the table and fled.

© 2018 Suzy Levinson. All rights reserved.

Calef Brown has challenged us to write a poem that tells the story of two anthropomorphized objects. They can be an odd couple, close friends, mortal enemies, or meet each other for the first time. The poem can be about an adventure they have together, a conflict, a game they play, anything. Click HERE for more details and to read this month's Spotlight ON interview.

Post your poem on our October 2018 padlet by October 31st. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up presentation this Friday, November 2nd, and one lucky participant will win a signed copy of Calef Brown's latest collection of ghoulish poetry from Carolrhoda Books:


  1. Yikes! No hockey mask, but watch out for the razor sharp teeth! I hope that contract folded itself into an airplane and flew far, far away. ;) Thanks for the Halloween fun, Suzy!

  2. Hee hee, thanks, Michelle! A very spooky Halloween to all!

  3. Clever - and I love that you use the same end rhyme throughout. Happy Halloween!

  4. Ooh the dreaded shredder! I have a hungry shredder at my office. It has been known to shreddy- shred- shred things I should have kept instead lol. Great job!! You shredded this challenge ❤️

  5. Oh, love that argument and that escape! Perfect alarming end to the challenge and to celebrate Halloween!

  6. So much Halloween terror! Great fun, Suzy.

  7. Perfect for Halloween! Great job Suzy!

  8. This is so much fun. I can picture the hungry shredder with its sharp teeth.