Thursday, November 1, 2018

October DMC Wrap-Up Celebration + Giveaway


Hurry, hurry—don't be late!
The celebration is about to begin!

Last month Calef Brown challenged us to write a poem that tells the story of two anthropomorphized objects:
They can be an odd couple, close friends, mortal enemies, or meet each other for the first time. The poem can be about an adventure they have together, a conflict, a game they play, anything.

So how did we do?

You betcha! In fact, with so many zany pairings and clever stories, who's up for a well-deserved nap?

"Sleeping" by Umberto Savagnin
(Thought so.)

* Wakey! Wakey! *

"...what?" by Umberto Salvagnin

It's time to take a look at the results. 

"Sofia" by Umberto Salvagnin
 (Never mind Sofia—she's just cranky.)

As usual, I sincerely wish I had been able to feature more of your excellent poems. The variety was crazy-awesome!

From poems about FOOD . . .

“Relishing Life and Death” by Terry Border.
View more of Terry Border's Bent Objects in this terrific video
from the 2008 Gel Conference.

to poems about HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS . . .

The Brave Little Toaster

from poems about NATURE, and the SEASON of TREATS and TRICKERY . . .

Chris J

to poems about ABSTRACT IDEAS . . .


"Untitled" by Jonathan Wolstenholme.
View more illustrations from his Books on Books series HERE.

it's been AN IMAGINATION FREE-FOR-ALL at Today's Little Ditty!

I'm so grateful to everyone who submitted poems 
and especially to Calef Brown for inspiring them all! 

"Let's all go to the lobby!"

Grab your refreshment of choice, 
sit back and enjoy the show. 

Scroll through the poems below, or for best viewing, CLICK HERE.

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Participants in this month's challenge will automatically be entered to win a signed copy of The Ghostly Carousel: Delightfully Frightful Poems by Calef Brown (Carolrhoda Books, 2018). One entry per participant, not per poem.

Alternatively, you may enter the giveaway by commenting below. Comments must be received by Tuesday, November 6th. (That's Election Day, folks—don't forget to vote!) If you contribute a poem and comment below, you will receive two entries in total.

The winner will be chosen by and announced next Friday, November 9th, when yours truly will be hosting the Poetry Friday roundup!

Now, about that nap . . .

"Sofia - Tired" by Umberto Salvagnin

You won't find Jama Rattigan sleeping on the job. She has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Jama's Alphabet Soup. Thanks, Jama!


  1. Wow, what a wildly creative and fun crop of poems! Also love all your kitty commentary. :D

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Always fun to see the different angles and perspectives folks take with these challenges.

  2. So many wonderful offerings here... I love it. Michelle, thanks, as ever, for all you give to us. xo

  3. It really was a magical month, Michelle. I missed a few, was glad to read through the poems again. Thanks for every part of the challenge!

  4. Inspired results from an inspiring challenge--what fun to see all the poems! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Well done, all! What a great variety--these challenges are so great for making me think about poetry/themes differently! Thank you, Michelle and Calef, for a fun month of poems!

  6. I really tried. Sat down and thought and thought and though...but it wouldn’t appear. I love what people have written this month. Hopefully, next round.
    It hasn’t helped that I traveled and when I got home took apart my writing room. (Inspired by the Highlights trip)

  7. Another great month of poetry thanks to you and Calef!

  8. What a response! People really tapped into the stories around them.

  9. Now this is a fun and inspired collection--thanks to you and Calef!

  10. I missed a few, too, so this wrap-up led to some nice surprises! Well done, everyone!

  11. Michelle You did a marvelous job of gathering all these poems together from so many different p.o.v's– what a rich assortment and wonderful ditty challenge from Calef. After the elections I'm looking forward to taking a little cat nap like one of these lovely felines here… thanks for a galloping month!

  12. That was great fun. Thanks, Calef and Michelle!

  13. It sure has been a fun month here at Today's Little Ditty. Thanks, everyone for the wonderful poems.

  14. I've read through some and will return for more! Great challenge. Congratulations to all who rose to it!

  15. Michelle, as I read through all of the poems, I realized how varied they were. Calef created an amazing challenge and you delivered the offerings. I really like your introduction with the cat memes and I found your poetry mixed in. Well done! I look forward to another challenge.

  16. have read through some of the poem and cant wate to read the rest them reread them a few moor times grate jobe everyone looking forward to next mouth Thank you Michelle for a nother excellent challenge

  17. This was a fabulous challenge and I was impressed (and intimidated) by so many of the entries! Wow! What a fabulous bunch of poems! Thanks for much to you and Calef for keeping us busy this month.