Monday, October 22, 2018

DMC: "Kitchen Games" by Molly Hogan


“Hey! Try to catch us if you can!”
they squeal, then run away
Broom dashes after valiantly
with sweeping, swashing sway

Broom’s mission is to seek Crumbs out
Their mission is to hide
beneath the fridge, behind the chair
and then to multiply

“Come on out, you scurvy creatures!
Get off our pristine floors!
We’ll sweep you to oblivion!”
her swishing bristles chorus

As they scurry ‘neath the counter
Crumbs tumble, bumble, jump
Broom pokes them out of corners, then
she piles them in a clump

She entreats her ally, Dustbin
to help her end the chase
together they corral the Crumbs
and put them in their place

A quick trip to waiting Trashcan
winds up the evening fun
Now at rest in closet corner
Broom smiles, her job is done

But later, Trashcan sneaks a glance
at dozing Bin and Broom
then slyly hiccups giggling Crumbs
and strews them cross the room

© 2018 Molly Hogan. All rights reserved.

Calef Brown has challenged us to write a poem that tells the story of two anthropomorphized objects. They can be an odd couple, close friends, mortal enemies, or meet each other for the first time. The poem can be about an adventure they have together, a conflict, a game they play, anything. Click HERE for more details and to read this month's Spotlight ON interview.

Post your poem on our October 2018 padlet by October 31st. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up presentation on Friday, November 2nd, and one lucky participant will win a signed copy of Calef Brown's latest collection of ghoulish poetry from Carolrhoda Books:


  1. Looky here, ask for a ballad and you get a ballad! And a really fun one at that. Thanks, Molly! I've always wondered how those crumbs magically reappear each morning. Good to know. :D

    1. Thanks, Michelle! This was a great challenge. It took me a long time to figure out what objects to anthropomorphize! (Is this where I confess that I didn't realize I'd written a ballad? lol)

  2. Such action, and then such sneakiness, Molly! This is awesome. I will never sweep again without thinking of your poem!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I hope it adds some pleasure to the monotony of sweeping! lol

  3. You interviewed my trash can and broom for this, didn't you?!
    Great rhythm and rhyme!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you--Trashcan surprised me with his cameo turn and pulled it all together!

  5. This is awesome! And hilarious! Can't wait to share with my kiddos.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. This was such an interesting challenge. I keep finding myself considering other pairings.

  6. Hahahaha! That is so funny and cute. It made me laugh out loud. Wonderful job on this, Molly. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Rosi! It was a fun challenge to complete.