Monday, April 30, 2018

Poetry Postcard: "The snowy wind blows"

From the Silver Star Elementary Poetry Postcard Project, Vancouver, WA, April 2018

Closing out National Poetry Month with a special postcard I received in the mail this weekend.   
Doesn't Jaedyn paint beautiful imagery with words and imagination? 
What a talented 5th grader!

Thanks to Jone Rush MacCulloch for this wonderful postcard project, and to the students at Silver Star Elementary in Vancouver, WA for sharing their hearts and words. 

Apparently, I never posted last year's postcard on the blog (?!) . . .

Ode to Spring

Flowers blowing in the wind
Quietness everywhere
I feel at home where it feels nice
I taste the wind in the air
I wonder how it is so beautiful
Because of the world

Bentley C.
Grade 2

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  1. Thank you. I loved rereading Jaedyn's words this morning. "The owl swoops with all its glories," Lovely.

  2. I was beginning to think I'd missed signing up, Michelle. I just received mine today! Love the art and this poem, those "feathers soft as sheep's wool", a beautiful image. And last year's by a second grader, reflecting on the goodness of the wind, lovely. Jone's project will be missed next year unless someone else takes it on.

  3. Wow, Jaedyn and Bentley brightened my day. Thank you. =)