Tuesday, April 24, 2018

DMC: "Soccer Game" by Donna JT Smith


One day our team was one man short—
The game would not be fair;
The other team had more than us—
We needed one more player.

We fretted and bemoaned the fact,
Searched every which and where,
And finally found Sir Dino Mite—
We’d win this fair and square!

With clicking claws and sharpened teeth
He gave that team a scare!
Unfortunately, he scared us too
With his piercing, no-good glare.

He popped the ball and ate it up—
We didn’t have a prayer!
No soccer ball to score a goal—
There wasn’t any spare.

We tried to run away and hide,
But he just didn’t care.
He tossed the ref into the net
And sat in coach’s chair.

He blew the whistle fierce and loud,
Oh, he was on a tear,
Then suddenly he stopped, got up—
An egg was laid right there!

This wasn’t good Sir Dino Mite!
It was his dear Ma Chere,
And once her egg was safely laid
She grabbed said egg and chair.

She pranced them off the soccer field
With prehistoric flair.
We stopped the game and all went home—
Ma Dino to her lair.

© 2018 Donna JT Smith. All rights reserved.

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  1. You do spin an excellent yarn, Donna. This is hysterical!

  2. Oh my, what an extraordinary surprise! Very fun tale, Donna!

  3. Impressive storytelling and rhyming!

  4. That seems like a pretty convincing case for not inviting a dino into your soccer game!

  5. Great poem, Donna! You give new meaning to laying an egg!

  6. Wow, Donna! I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation.
    I could see it as a picture book!
    EGGciting and ExtraorDINOry.