Monday, April 23, 2018

Hungry Dinosaur Poems by Dawson, Trace, and Lynzee

T-Rex with Broccoli by Dawson

These dinosaur poems about food are like potato chips, you can't stop at just one! Many thanks to all three of these students from Margaret Simon's gifted classroom.

          by Dawson, 4th grade, © 2018

A T-Rex, big and fierce,
hard to imagine one eating broccoli.
Well It's as true,
as celery.
Sharp teeth,
good for meat,
but a T-Rex eating a salad,
how that idea is going extinct.

          by Trace, 5th grade, © 2018 

You can ask a T.Rex lots of questions.

Like why does it eat meat.

But never ask why their arms are so short.

If you do, when you're running, you'll feel the heat. 

You can ask why they don't eat plants.

Never say they should go on a diet and eat like a triceratops.

If he answers, it will scare your socks off.

But that is your loss.

If you do ask one of these,

hide in a tree.

His stubby arms won't reach you.

( Don't tell them I said that.)

          by Lynzee, 3rd grade, © 2018 

a T-Rex going to the gym,
lifting weights,
"I gotta get fit, lose the triceratops bacon I ate for breakfast!"
Straining to pick it up,
he puts it down and goes,
He says,
"Oh, great, now I need replacements,
AND my wife is going to sign me up for anger management classes."

Mrs. Simon's students also wrote a couple of non-food-related poems that you can read on our April 2018 padlet.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Deborah Bruss and Matt Forrest Esenwine. They've challenged us to write a poem about something you would not expect a dinosaur (or another kind of animal) to do.

Leave your poem on our April 2018 padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration this Friday, April 27th, and one lucky participant will win a personalized copy of their fun new rhyming picture book from POW! Kids:


  1. Awesome! These are all so clever--I love how you all were able to weave in dino diet and body facts with dino imaginings to tell a tiny story.

    Dawson, I especially loved "Well It's as true,/ as celery."

    Trace, I love that you added that last line--it made me laugh.

    Lynzee, you totally made me picture a frustrated T-Rex giving up and just doing his usual T-Rex thing.

    I bet you have a really proud teacher!

  2. Oh my, you three are SO funny!

    Dawson, I loved your illustration as well as your poem. I wonder how many human kids wish broccoli was extinct!

    Trace, your poem was my 15 year old daughter's favorite— she loved the ending and so do I!

    And Lynzee, anger management classes? Hahaha! I'll be sure to pass on the triceratops bacon next time I'm out for brunch.

    Thanks to all of you for the laughs. :)

    1. Thanks also to Austin for the fun T-Rex in a Tank poem! Not sure that's something I'd ever want to see whether he fits inside or not!

  3. The endings on each made me laugh, all have a fresh look at the dinosaurs' antics!

  4. Great post. Dawson may count me as a new, but VERY big fan of his art!!!

  5. Love these poems! Such creative kids! Glad you featured them Michelle.

  6. I have to tell the story about how these poems came about. We have been doing Amy VanDerwater's daily poem prompts. On April 9th, Amy's prompt was "Inspired by a Question." Somehow the discussion got around to questions you would ask a dinosaur. Our conversations can go any which way, but this time, I perked up and said, "Hey, let me show you what this month's Little Ditty challenge is." And that's all they needed to produce a number of clever dino verses. I get so much joy from these kids every day!

    1. Love the backstory, Margaret! Thanks for sharing your student joy with the rest of us. :)

  7. These couldn't be more fun! Love them all. Excellent work little poets!