Monday, August 29, 2016

DMC: "The Karate Pig" by B.J. Lee


At Porker Elementary,
there was a bullied pig.
The other pigs yelled, “Bacon Bits”
’cuz, well, she wasn’t big.

At home, she googled “self-defense,”
signed up for martial arts.
She learned to punch and kick until
her skills were off the charts.

Now when pigs start taunting her,
she takes a half-moon stance.
She spins her arms and twirls her legs.
She halts them with one glance.

When pigmates think of bullying, 
her moves cause them to stop.
They’ve all quit shouting, “Bacon Bits”—
they now call her, “Pork Chop.”

© 2016 B.J. Lee. All rights reserved.

Diana Murray has challenged us to write a poem about an unlikely hero this month. Click HERE for more details.

You have until Wednesday, August 31st, to join in! Post your poem on our August 2016 padlet and I will add it to the wrap-up celebration HERE. One lucky participant will win a personalized copy of her fun new picture book from Roaring Brook Press:


  1. Very clever! I like that your bullied pig is her own hero. Nicely done!

  2. Love this porcine hero, BJ! I'm waiting for the video so I can see that third stanza in live action. :)

    1. haha! I'll have to get one of my trained pigs to perform it! WINK!

  3. Ha, very nice, BJ! Reminds me of the 3 Ninja Pigs.

  4. B.J. -Your words slap me silly, This is a wonderful ditty. Should pub elsewhere, too.

  5. I'm glad they "slap you sillly" Jan! This is from a collection I'm working on (different version, though).

  6. Oh, BJ, sorry I missed this earlier. This is just wonderful, the rhythm & the rhyme, those words! I'll forever be thinking of "Bacon bit" & "Pork chop" in new ways!

  7. Be careful what you eat! Ha! Thank you, Linda!

  8. Oh, love this character and poem! So fun!

  9. You are clever and witty. Good job!