Monday, February 9, 2015

DMC: "Dear Sir Roly-Poly" by Damon Dean

Dear Sir Roly-Poly,

I thank you for your inquiry
          about your pedigree.
Regretfully, appearances
          belie your family tree.

I’ve turned most every leaf and stone.
          My research seems to say—
you’re not a bug at all! Not
          in the ‘insect’ sort of way.

Instead you are crustacean!
          (Your kin are water-bound,
so how you came to live on land—
          that fact I’ve not yet found.)

Some further facts are needed. More
          ancestry should be followed.
But meanwhile I should caution you—
          don’t let yourself be swallowed.

Your rolling-up ability
          (that ‘conglobation’ skill)
Could cause some sickly creature to
          mistake you for a pill.


Professor O. Possum

© 2015 Damon Dean. All rights reserved.

David Elliott has challenged us to write a letter poem this month.  Click HERE for details.

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  1. "Conglobation"? Methinks someone is preparing for a new bout of March Madness! Seriously, though, this is fantastic, Damon. It's great when a poem can make you smile, laugh, and even learn a little something too.

    1. My thoughts, exactly Michelle. Good one, Damon. Best wishes with March Madness!

  2. Can you see me smiling from NH! This is a ray of sunshine in a world of snow.

  3. Wow, informative AND a good story -- great job, Damon! And conglobulation is my new favorite word!

  4. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing it here, Damon.

  5. Fantastic!!! I smiled all the way through. Your Sir Roly-Poly is simply swonderful! And also a favorite insect of mine.

  6. Love it, Damon! What a fun poem to read aloud too! Thanks, as always, Michelle!

  7. Thanks for reading! Loved this inse...ooops! crustacean since I was a kiddo.