Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DMC: "Dear Dad" by Matt Forrest Esenwine

Dear Dad,

I’m having trouble fitting in.
I feel unhappy in my skin.
The kids at school all call me names;
they carry torches bright with flames.
Teachers chase me through the rooms
with pitchforks, clubs, and wooden brooms.
When I say, “Hi,” the parents flee.
It’s almost like they’re scared of me.
Sorry, I don’t mean to whine.

your son,
        Jack Frankenstein

© 2015 Matt Forrest Esenwine. All rights reserved.

David Elliott has challenged us to write a letter poem this month.  Click HERE for details.

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  1. Beautiful how you sneaked in those certain phrases that made me pause, then surprised at the very end, Matt. "Teachers chase. . ."

    1. Poor kid. I'm quite sure if he had you as a teacher, Linda, things would be different. :)

  2. Monsterfully done, Matt! I can always count on you for a fresh, new perspective.

  3. Been watching Young Frankenstein lately, Matt? ;-)

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments! I appreciate it.

  5. Poor Jack. Loved this Matt. First a chuckle, then a pause, and a thought on how often this is sadly true.