Thursday, April 23, 2020

April DMC Wrap-Up Celebration + Giveaway

"leak of ideas" by Anja Mexicola
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I hope you enjoyed our new Lessons from the Bookshelf series this month! Many thanks to Patrice Vecchione for allowing me to debut the series with an in-depth look at My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice: A Guide to Writing Poetry & Speaking Your Truth (Seven Stories Press, 2020). I know I learned an awful lot. I hope I was able to pass along some of my enthusiasm to you.

If you missed any of my posts about this insightful and comprehensive book about writing poetry and living the poet's life, please click on the following links:

Introduction and Part I—Poetry's Calling: Finding Yourself on Paper

Part II—"If One Part Were Touched, the Whole World Would Tremble": Writing Poetry from the Inside Out

Part IV—"How Might the Impossible Be?": Getting Your Poems Out There

I also had the pleasure of sharing three writing prompts from Part III—Who Said You Couldn't Say That?: Twenty-Five Poetry Writing Suggestions in Twenty-One Short Chapters:

barbara w

"These are the Hands": Write about the place that empathy has in your life—a time you offered compassion to another or a time it was freely given to you.


"Lost and Found": Write about a time you lost something or somebody. 


And "Into the Future: Take Yourself There Now": Write about that place called future, as you imagine it; peer into its unknown terrain, and see what you find.

Although there wasn't a lot of shouting in your responses . . .

Charles Lam

 or shattering, for that matter . . .


there was certainly some whispering . . .

Marc Cooper

also singing, praying, crying, imagining, and a whole lot of caring and truth-telling.

Elaine Moore

It's tough times, these days. There's no doubt about it. But it helps to know we have each other to lean on, don't you think?


I appreciate everyone who dug deep to write from your hearts this month! Some of your contributions seemed like they would suit more than one writing prompt, but I sorted them as best I could. If I placed yours incorrectly, contact me via email—todayslittleditty (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm happy to make changes.

Scroll through the poems below or CLICK HERE to open a new tab.

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Has National Poetry Month been keeping you busy? Did you miss one of the challenges? April's not over yet! This week I invite you to write a poem for any of the three challenges presented this month. You have until Thursday, April 30th, to add your poem to the collection. You'll find the padlet and more information about each of the prompts HERE (for empathy poems), HERE (for lost things and people) and HERE (for imaging the future). I will then move your poem to the wrap-up presentation.

Participants in this month's challenges will automatically be entered to win a copy of My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice: A Guide to Writing Poetry & Speaking Your Truth by Patrice Vecchione, courtesy of Seven Stories Press (US addresses only). One entry per participant, not per poem.

Alternatively, you may enter the giveaway by commenting below or sending an email to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject "my shouting giveaway." All poem contributions, comments, and emails must be received by 5:00pm on Thursday, April 30th. If you contribute a poem and a comment, you will receive two entries in total. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Friday, May 1st, when we reveal a new Reader Spotlight and our next DMC challenge.

Join Christie Wyman at Wondering and Wandering for a poem inspired by Henry David Thoreau, the latest addition to the Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem, and, of course, this week's Poetry Friday roundup.


  1. I really enjoyed your in depth look at this book, Michelle, and the prompts are really thought-provoking. I'm sorry I haven't yet tried them - will try to add something soon.

  2. I've only written one, sad to say, but hope to return even if late when I have more time after April, Michelle. The book and what you've shared sounds just wonderful! Thanks for all the super posts!

  3. I'm similar to Linda B. I have only written to one of the prompts...but that's because I've committed to two other projects this month. I will be back for the prompts from this blog for sure! I love your very sensitive and thoughtful review and work with this book. I definitely want to pick it up and work from it more.

  4. Yes! I have enjoyed diving into this book with you, and look forward to reading more of it. Thank you for offering the challenges and showcasing the responses. They are fabulous!

  5. So many fine poems inspired by your posts--will have to come back and read the prompts more thoroughly.

  6. Thank you for introducing us to this book and highlighting these prompts, Michelle. They inspired some terrific poetry. :)

  7. I ordered this book after reading about here in your first post. I love it! I had to refrain from highlighting because there was so much goodness and such beautiful words. Oh my! Thank you for introducing me to it. It is certainly one of my favoriate books on writing.

  8. Inspiring as always, Michelle! I definitely need to go back and explore this month’s posts more deeply. I hope to write a poem before you wrap up the month. Thanks for all you do!

  9. I want to try that "These Are the Hands" prompt, either this week or after. Thanks so much for sharing Patrice's book with us–what a rich treasure… And your reviews added to the richness. As does this feel good post, especially the whisperers and cuddles at the bottom, thanks Michelle, xo.

  10. Every glimpse I've had into this book intrigues me more! I haven't had as much time to read/write this month, and hope to catch up on some of these prompts. Thanks for the wonderful series of posts!

  11. Michelle, I enjoyed waking up to the birds singing and walking through your April Ditty of the Month Challenge. The variety of poems were calming resources to read while I ponder how I want to fashion a poem to offer. The images you offered throughout the post were beautiful representations of what you shared in words. Thanks for the brief moments of peace.

  12. Thank you for collecting all this wonderful work! You're right, it helps to have others to lean on.

  13. What open-hearted, deep-dig poems were generated this month! I would like to write one about my mail carrier, who caught me yesterday to tell me that he is going to be gone for three weeks and he didn't want me to worry that he is sick. Grace notes, everywhere we look. xo