Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Grab Bag of Monster Fears

"Monster" by Lars Plougmann

October is a super fun month at Today's Little Ditty. When the spirit of Halloween knocks at the door, we've always done our best to greet her with a generous plate of poetry.

"Yoohoo!" by Ruth Hartnup
In past years we've featured an unfolding story of insomnia, a mummy and zombie pas-de-deux, a fanciful animal tale, a fine example of Halloween trickery, a magical rhyming picture book by Carrie Clickard, a collection of delightfully frightful poems by Calef Brown, a HalloZENO party, and several other hair-raising celebrations involving monsters, beasts, spooky memories and other assorted horrors... sometimes necessitating Post Halloween Stress Disorder (PHSD) therapy.

That's quite a haul for any trick-or-treater! But we're not shutting off the porch light yet. This month we're featuring poems about monster fears—not fear of monsters, but things that a monster might be afraid of. Fun, right? Read more about our current DMC challenge in last week's interview with Rebecca Herzog.

Here are a few of the goodies on the padlet right now.

Flash! Dash!

"Torch Monster" by Michael
I hear the footsteps coming near;
I hope without the thing I fear.
I like the dark, the shadows’ gloom,
then I can scare those in this room.
The door creaks open, someone cries.
Oh no, the flashlight beam defies
my best performance filled with lies.
I slink away when it’s too bright.
Monsters cannot bear the light.

© 2019 Linda Baie. All rights reserved.

a cherita terbalik

schmutz smooths the angles
and softens her warts—she
looks almost human

oh, how she despises cleaning
but she must—shudder!

mirror on the wall

© 2019 Diane Mayr. All rights reserved.

"Pockmarked mirror" by Andrea Kirkby

"Child Imagination" by Cesar Mascarenhas
Monster's Panic Attack

I'm crouched in the closet,
my eyes on the door.
I hear little footsteps
on her bedroom floor.
The tension is rising—
a sliver of light!
The closet door opens
and I scream in fright!

© 2019 Cindy Breedlove. All rights reserved.

Five Fearful Monsters

Five little monsters prowling in the park.
“Yikes!” said the first. “I’m scared of the dark!”
“Yow!” said the second. “Something’s creeping near!”
“Hush!” said the third. “It’s the wind you hear.”
“No!” said the fourth. “There’s a frightful noise!”
“Look!” said the fifth. “Little girls and boys!
Just a bunch of kids running down the street...
dressed for Halloween, shouting “Trick-or-treat!”

© 2019 Dianne Moritz. All rights reserved.

"TricK or TreaT" by Kylie_Jaxxon

Speaking of trick-or-treating, have I got a treat for you next week! You'll just have to wait to find out what it is though. Hope you can stand the suspense.

"He's seen better days...." by melfoody

Leave your poem about something a monster is afraid of HERE.
Catherine Flynn writes about gratefulness at Reading to the Core, where she's hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup.


  1. What fun these are! And I can just see those five little monsters prowling the park made into a picture book. xo

  2. What fun! Thanks for highlighting them. Now how will u ever come up with a frightened monster?

  3. It is a fun challenge, Michelle. Hoping I can find another 'fear' to write about! Thanks for posting them. Like every month, I enjoy the varied way everyone creates.

  4. Charmingly spooky! I like the images you chose to accompany them, M. I am still trying to figure out what scares a ghost.

  5. Such a clever challenge. Had such fun reading all of these. I'm on the edge of my seat for next week's treat.

  6. What a delightfully scary, fun, and inspiring post, and I love all your images too! Thanks Michelle, will be sending one in soon…

  7. These are all great responses to Rebecca's fun challenge. I'm still thinking about my poem. Can't wait to find out about the treat you have in store for us!

  8. This is such a fun challenge. I love them all.

  9. Wow! Love the creative juices flowing toward scared monsters. Great job, each of you! I'm not much of a Halloween fan--but these are all so fun...I may make a bit of a change.

  10. So fun! I love reading these "monster fear" poems:)

  11. Cool challenge. I have just the thing....

  12. A fun challenge--and some great responses!

  13. These are great responses to this month's challenge. I'm still mulling over this one!

  14. So, so much fun! This may deserve a "more than one"!

  15. Such wonderful poems in response to the challenge! I want to do these with my students. They will love it!

  16. Wonderful poems! The ones told from the monster's point of view are especially fun. Thanks, Michelle.

  17. I am totally into this challenge and have read and reread these poems many time but am surprised that I dd not leave a comment. Linda's poem moves me into another realm of monsters and fears.