Thursday, October 26, 2017

October DMC Wrap-Up + Giveaway


Please come in . . .

 don't mind the creaky gate.

All are welcome!

Roland Brunner

At the beginning of October, Carrie Clickard challenged us to write poems about people, places, or things that spooked us as children.

It's been a frightfully good month of spine-chilling poetry!

But now, my dearests, the time has come to share our bountiful booty— or should I say our boo-tiful bounty?

Either way, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed a poem, commented, or followed along, and most especially to Carrie Clickard for the spooktacular inspiration leading up to Halloween.

Scroll through the poems below, or for best viewing, CLICK HERE.

Made with Padlet

Inspired to write your own poem about a spooky childhood memory?

Add it to our October 2017 padlet by Tuesday, October 31, 2017, and I will move it to the wrap-up presentation. 

Participants in this month's challenge will automatically be entered to win a copy of MAGIC FOR SALE by Carrie Clickard, illustrated by John Shelley (Holiday House, 2017). One entry per participant, not per poem.

The winner will be determined by and announced next Friday, November 3rd, when we reveal next month's spotlight interview and ditty challenge.

Alternatively, you may enter the giveaway by commenting below. Comments must be also received by Tuesday, October 31st. If you contribute a poem and comment below you will receive two entries in total.

Happy Halloween!

Bill Rogers

Brenda Davis Harsham has a Halloween guest at this week's Poetry Friday roundup. Can you guess what he's dressed as? Check him out at Friendly Fairy Tales.


  1. Thank you for hosting and compiling all these poems each month. It is always so much fun to see everyone's submissions. I especially enjoy the spooky nature of this month's selections.

  2. So much spooky goodness! I have to admit to being a bit of a wuss when it comes to scary things, I won't be too unhappy when October is over! ;-)

  3. I loved seeing the ones I've missed this month, lots of scary basement ones, and some heartbreaking, too. Thanks, Michelle for compiling in a beautifully frightening way. I love that creaky gate & the quotes, too.

  4. Goosebumps were a plenty this month. Thank you, Michelle and Carrie, for stretching our writing muscles and allowing us to discover the fear within from the safety of our desk chairs. =)

  5. Michelle, your frightfully good month of spine-chilling poetry is quite a spooktacular event. I would like to add the link with a few of your photos and maybe a quote to my gallery so all can see the amazing work. I am planning to contribute if I can meet the deadline. Let me know if I can add your site to Autumn Ablaze Gallery.

  6. What a productive and fun DMC! Thank you so much for the chance to work along side other poets that love a good challenge. It's jolly good fun. I love every one you've held.

  7. The poems are so amazing it's scary :-) I read through the padlet and was captivated...and a little frightened at times!!
    Thanks for the Ditty Challenges. I need to get back to writing for them!

  8. What an amazing variety of poems this month. Some simply bone-chilling, some fun, some heart-breaking. Thanks everyone and especially you, Michelle.

  9. What a frighteningly good bunch of poems! Thanks for sharing them.

  10. I love the variety of poems from this month--from spooky good to fun to bone-frightening and chilling. I'll add mine later this weekend after a few more tweaks. Thanks for collecting all of these to share.

  11. spoke tackler collection of poems this mount what a wonderful party a few sad ones the brought tears to my eyes and some fretfully scary Wonderful Job Michelle plan to rered them all a few moor times

  12. What a delicious haunting you've gathered. I meant to write a poem for you, and I'm sad it didn't happen. Perhaps my childhood fears are still too far impaled in my tender flesh.

  13. I agree that there was great variety--and so many brought back those scary memories--which turned out to be fond memories because they're part of home.