Tuesday, October 29, 2019

DMC: "A Howling Bad Time" by Janie Lazo



I feel an itch behind my ear
I scratch—oh no—I quake with fear
Outside the window bright and clear
A full moon glows—my fate draws near
Once nails—now claws—I writhe in pain
Once teeth—now fangs—I squirm in vain
Once skin—now fur—my certain bane
My canine ears hear gurgling drain
Mom yells COME NOW! I feel her wrath
I snarl—I growl—as no man hath
She drags me from my dusty path
From under bed—straight to the bath!

© 2019 Janie Lazo. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Rebecca Herzog has challenged us to write a poem about something a monster is afraid of. Read my interview with Becky HERE and add your poem about a monster fear to the padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties leading up to Halloween, you can check out our entire monster menagerie HERE.


  1. Poor thing, to hear that "gurgling drain"! Love this, Janie!

  2. Ha! This is a hoot and a howl, Janie! You've got to feel for this little cub, but matted fur is no fun either. Poor guy.

  3. This is simply adorable. Thanks for sharing this poem!