Tuesday, June 18, 2019

DMC: "A Kid Forever More" by Michelle Kogan


Be a kid
right now,
this minute–
Nuh-uh you say,
you wanna be
like everyone else,
all grown up.
But now’s the time
to be yourself–
Silly, smart, sassy,
sashaying across a sun-warmed street…
Meek, mellow, musical,
mumbling melodramatic moments…
Seize the opportunity,
follow your passion,
indulge in your daydreams…
Time flies by, and before you know it–
Even grownups wish they could
be a kid

© 2019 Michelle Kogan. All rights reserved.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Karen Boss, Editor at Charlesbridge. Her challenge this month is to write a poem in second person, speaking directly to a kid or kids about something that you think is important for them to know.

Post your poem on our June 2019 padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, June 28th. One lucky participant will win a copy of I Am Someone Else: Poems About Pretending, collected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Chris Hsu, available online for preorder, and coming to a bookstore near you on July 2, 2019.


  1. As the parent of a smart and sassy melodramatic moment mumbler, this advice is spot on, Michelle!

  2. Perfect advice, and delightful alliteration! Well done, Michelle.

  3. love it! Doing my best to be a kid right now!

  4. Thanks Michelle, Jesse Anna, and Linda–I'm dirty as a kid now and in my element with pillbugs, earthworms, and more crawling insects, as I'm replacing my pond liner while it's sunny and not raining–Oh to be a kid forever more…

  5. Wonderful, Linda, everyone should share this with, well, everyone!

  6. Fantastic. Too often these days kids are in such a hurry to grow up. Will share. Thanks!

  7. Oh, this is terrific, Linda and Michelle. I am glad I didn't see it before I wrote mine which is not yet posted. We are on the same wave-length. I love Silly, smart, sassy,
    sashaying across a sun-warmed street… Janet Clare F.

  8. Ah, so true. Unfortunately, most kids won't listen. I love the alliteration. Nice work.