Tuesday, September 11, 2018

DMC: "It's a Question of Imprint" by Sherry Howard

It's a Question of Imprint

What is my imprint today?

Soothe a hurt?
Trigger a smile?
Bestow a hug?
Create a treasure?

Will I do no harm?

© 2018 Sherry Howard. All rights reserved.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Naomi Shihab Nye. Her DMC challenge is to write a letter to yourself in which you ask some questions that you don't have to answer. (Please keep in mind that your poem does not need to be in standard letter form.)

Post your poem on our September 2018 padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up presentation on Friday, September 28th, and one lucky participant will win a personalized copy of her latest collection of poetry from Greenwillow Books:


  1. You say so much with few words, Sherry. We should all ask ourselves this each and every morning!

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle! I’m sure my children wish I’d choose fewer words all the time! Seriously, your guest posts are always so inspiring to me. I don’t always make it to the padlet, but I always put something in my poetry notebook. This poem is truly my daily mantra—I sincerely try to live it. Since I’m not a saint, it’s sometimes struggle! 😉

  3. A poem to post so we can read it every day! Short, sweet & questions to remember. Thanks, Sherry!

  4. Beautiful. Those little things mean so much. Thanks, Sherry.

  5. Love this. A poet of very few words who speaks volumes. Your poem made me think.

  6. Love this little bit of advice, Sherry! Thanks

  7. Small and perfect. Great question to ask everyday.

  8. so succinct–and your last question we so often overlook.