Wednesday, September 19, 2018

DMC: "Different but the Same" by Janice Scully

Different but the Same

If ten chefs make apple pie
you will have ten pies that are different
though all baked with apples,
sugar, flour, butter, salt, and

Just because some are paler,
some browner, some sweeter,

others spicier,
doesn’t mean
each won’t have its fans.

Why is that hard to understand?
What if apple pies were all the same?

© 2018 Janice Scully. All rights reserved.

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  1. And IMHO, the more apple pie, the better! A nicely baked poem, Janice. :)

  2. Great poem. Reminds me of the British Baking Show I've been watching.

  3. I love how you took the idea of 10 apple pies and wove it into a profound statement about acceptance.

  4. Well done, Jan! And we'd each find a pie to our liking.

  5. Ha! What a fabulous question. I love the analogy .... as much as I love apple pie. Which is a lot.

  6. This is a terrific poem with layers to it. Thanks.