Thursday, November 30, 2017

DMC: "I'll Wash, You Dry" by Robyn Hood Black


Pile of dishes in the sink -
remnants of our food and drink.

Fulsome meal and laughter, too -
now we have a job to do.

Messy saucepan, crusty cup;
we’ll need time to clean this up.

Spray of water, sudsy foam –
we are grateful for our home.

Grateful, grateful
here at home. 

© 2017 Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books, divisions of Lerner Publishing Group. Her challenge is to write a poem that finds beauty in something that is not usually considered beautiful.

You have until today, November 30th, at 5:00 pm (EST) to join in! Post your poem on our November 2017 padlet and I will add it to the wrap-up presentation HERE. One lucky participant will win a copy of The Sun Played Hide-and-Seek: A Personification Story by Brian P. Cleary, illustrated by Carol Crimmins, and published by Millbrook Press earlier this year.


  1. What better place to end up this month's challenge than at home? Thank you for this comforting poem and for being part of my extended TLD family, Robyn.

  2. This brings back happy memories of those "crusty dishes", Robyn, but doing them with others makes it all good.

  3. Much sudsy fun! I love Robyn's sink time memory.
    All the November entries are evocative & rolling around the range this month, Michelle.
    I will remember this prompt to return to it.
    My alligator-topic one didn't get to a good finish, but I like my distraction - I completed my verse novel this 1st of Dec. AM, (first d r a f t only.
    But a done d r a f t.)

    Wishing you & all a bright Supermoon weekend.

  4. Sauntering into the kitchen late... thanks for getting it cleaned up, y'all! Appreciations, Michelle, for all you do - and Linda, thanks for the kind comment! And Jan, Woo-hoo-good-for-you on reaching that goal!!! :0)