Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DMC: "Memoir in ABCs" by Linda Baie

Memoir in ABCs

Away bicycling, careening delight -
everyday freedom gained.
Happily invincible, just-like-that
knowing life means no
ordinary practicalities,
quick rule-making.
Smiles translate unafraid venturing
when X-raying yesterday’s zing.

© 2017 Linda Baie. All rights reserved.

Click HERE to read this month's interview with Carole Boston Weatherford. She has challenged us to write an abecedarian poem.

Generally each line (or word) of an abecedarian poem begins with A and continues in alphabetical order until you reach Z. For this challenge, you may start and end with whichever letters you choose, as long as they are sequential.

Post your poem on our September 2017 padlet. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration this Friday, September 29th. One lucky participant will win a copy of Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by Eric Velasquez (Candlewick Press, 2017).


  1. "Happily invincible"... ah, those were the days. Love this invigorating take on childhood, Linda!

  2. "Xraying yesterday's zing" is such a marvelous way to describe looking back.
    Amazingly concise, Linda!! Hats off to you.

  3. "knowing life means no ordinary practicalities" Just terrific! Thanks.

  4. Thank you, everyone! It really is a part of my memories, that feeling of freedom when finally, finally riding a bike! Now I see it happening with my granddaughters, as I saw it with my kids, too.

  5. Five-year-old Freedom and independence, wonderful Linda! Thanks.

  6. "unafraid venturing" - we all need more of this in our daily lives - on and off our bicycles! Nice job, Linda! =)