Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DMC: "Under the Tree" by Angelique Pacheco


There is a place I like to go,
Where not a soul is in the know,
Under a pine tree ever so green,
Is where you’re likely to find me.
A place to dream ideas,
A place to banish fears.
A place where I can weep,
A place where I can sleep.
A place where thoughts run wild,
A place for my inner child.
A place where there’s no sadness,
A place of fun and gladness,
This is where I like to be,
If you like, come join me!

© 2016 Angelique Pacheco. All rights reserved.

Ann Rider has challenged us to write poems about places of refuge and solace this month. Click HERE for more details.

Post your poem on our November 2016 padlet. All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, November 25th, and one lucky participant will win a copy of BEFORE MORNING by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Beth Krommes, courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers.


  1. I didn't realize when I scheduled your poem, how timely it would be, Ange. Thanks for the invitation!

  2. Tis is so wonderful I loved climbing trees and playing under them as a child and I still love tress I have a few favorite around where I live and walk I willow tree and two small Burch
    lovely poem

  3. Lovely invitation. I can imagine all of us enjoying sitting under that lovely pine.

  4. I think everyone has a tree that stands out to them. I just moved, so I need to find a new one.

  5. Some of my favorite memories have to do with trees. I spent many a summer's day reading a book under a favorite tree. Thanks for this poem.

  6. Well done --such a invitation! It brought back some treasured memories I haven't visited with in a while. Thank you for that. I have to ask....remember scrubbing off the pine sap with lava soap and Amway de-greaser?! LOL.