Thursday, August 27, 2015

DMC: The final munch from Linda Baie

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed . . .
Things from my refrigerator.
Albert Allen’s alligator.

Mr. Tobin’s fresh grown squash.
Edamame succotash.

Bacon, sausage, juicy steak,
Pudding, pies, and birthday cake.
                                                          – Penny Parker Klostermann, all rights reserved
The pants, the overalls and shirts,
then socks and undies, blouses, skirts.

Sheets and towels, the clothespins crunched.
In goes the line; the wash - all munched.
                                               – Linda Baie, all rights reserved

Penny Parker Klostermann has challenged us to write one to four couplets following her example– things we might feed a dragon to avoid being swallowed ourselves.  Click HERE for more details.

Send your couplets to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form in the sidebar to the right. All contributions will be included in a whopper of a cumulative poem featured at our wrap-up celebration TOMORROW, Friday, August 28th.  One lucky participant will win a personalized copy of Penny's deliciously funny debut picture book:


  1. Keeps you from having to put the laundry away, I guess... :-)

  2. Dragon gowned
    his tummy growled
    his teeth aced
    dragon should
    know beater
    not too eat

    Poem By Jessica Bigi

    1. I don't know, Jessica, this dragon might actually like rock-candy!

  3. Dragon is treading on the goat's territory, methinks! Very fun! In fact, this whole month has been fun! I know Dragon must be overly bloated but I'm going to miss this Ditty Challenge. I've thoroughly enjoyed the feast and look forward to the wrap-up smorgasbord!

  4. It's a great feeling ending a month of ditties with the words "all munched." Thanks for the fun couplets, Linda. They hit the happy spot– mine and Dragon's.

  5. Thanks everyone, happy you enjoyed the dragon's final gulps! I'm looking forward to this dragon-sized poem, Michelle.

  6. So enjoyed reading all of these Michelle! Penny's book is very inspiring :)

  7. So good, Linda! I love this challenge "a bunch", Michelle! Penny's dragon is quite the eater! =)

  8. Congrats again to Penny, and I'm glad for Linda's verses - NOW I know what has happened to missing socks and such....

  9. Thanks all. I imagine we're in for a big surprise tomorrow when we see ALL that's been gobbled up, including those socks, Robyn!