Friday, April 23, 2021

Filling the Well: Nizar Qabbani and Quixotic

Light is more important than the lantern,
The poem more important than the notebook
– Nizar Qabbani

"Dancing with light" 
performed by Quixotic

April 1: John Muir
April 4: Cesare Pavese 
April 11: Elinor Wylie
April 18: John Milton 
April 23: Nizar Qabbani and Quixotic

Catherine Flynn has been "Writing Wild" this month. Join her at Reading to the Core for this week's Poetry Friday roundup.


  1. I'm taking these lines with me today...I love how this blog has been devoted to well filling. I'm a bit behind. Ha! Isn't that how well filling goes. But, such rich refreshment here. Thank you so very much.

  2. Wow, wouldn't it be awesome to have seen this in person? wonderful, Michelle!

  3. I've been checking your posts daily but not commenting, just drinking in the words. And today this treat of a dance. So inspirational.

  4. That's quite a poem. The kiss more important than the lips? I'll have to think about that one! :-)

  5. I certainly benefit when you fill the well.:) She is an incredible dancer!

  6. I'm with Linda, this would be even more entrancing preformed live. And yes let's shine that light of the poem, beautiful, thanks!

  7. Lovely, Michelle. I remember talking about filling the well a few weeks ago. I like the idea that the light we hold within is greater than the lantern/outer form.

  8. Brilliant. (and a la Bridget...see what I did there? :-)

  9. What an amazing performance! Your opening quote is quite thought-provoking. Is it always true that the object (quality?) is more important than the vessel that holds it? Like Ruth, I have to think about it.