Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Filling the Well: Bruce Garrabrandt and OK Go


Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. 
It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.
– Bruce Garrabrandt
"This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go
(Rube Goldberg Machine)


  1. A+ collection of quote, image, and video! I am so struck by that Thibault picture. It feels reminiscent of pointillism even though it isn't.

  2. Awesome to see, Michelle. I love Rube Goldberg machines. My students built them every year from a new challenge given. This is one to remember, those glasses, the big chairs, & the height & depth. Wow!

  3. You find the most amazing videos!

  4. I'm a sucker for Rube Goldberg machines. This one was over the top! And in combination with that quote! Finally, I needed "This too shall pass" today!!

  5. I've seen the video before, but it never gets old. Perfect with that quote.Thanks for the post.