Tuesday, March 31, 2020

DMC: "Remember That Time When" by Mary Lee Hahn


Remember that time
when we played
long distance cribbage?

You, in California,
me, in Colorado.
We sent cards

back and forth
in the mail.
I can't recall

how to play,
not to mention
how or why

we chose this
absurdly random method
for staying connected.

Maybe that's it—
the big takeaway:
against all odds,


© 2020 Mary Lee Hahn. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Tabatha Yeatts has challenged us to write a poem about a game (any kind). Click HERE for more details and to add your poem to the padlet. You can read all of the poems contributed this month HERE.


  1. Cribbage...by mail, brilliant idea and game poem Mary Lee! Yes, against all odds we find ways to connect, now more than ever. Thank you. :)

  2. I'm so happy to be sharing this on the last day of the month, Mary Lee. That way it can stay with me for a good long time. <3

  3. Thank you for the spotlight, Michelle! This was a fun memory to write about. Not only did it fit the challenge, but it turned out to have a Big Message For These Times! I'm SO thankful for all my connections in the Poetry Friday community!

  4. Love this--so fitting! My kid is playing a basketball game (kinda like PIG) with a cousin out of state. It's lovely, in its way.

  5. Thanks Mary Lee, for your feel good poem, and so timely! Reminds me of all the animated letters I've written, and what fun they are! <3

  6. I Love this poem! This Sunday we figured out how to play Yahtzee - via skype - with grandparents 3 states away! It was a really fun way to connect & pass quarantine time! I think we will all have to figure out how to be creative in the future.

  7. Now that's a challenging way to play cribbage! Love how people took this prompt in all different directions, but they are all so beautifully human at their core. Thanks, Mary Lee (and Michelle)! ♥️

  8. Awesome! Human connection through games or sharing poetry, it all helps.