Thursday, November 28, 2019

November DMC Wrap-Up Celebration

Dewolf Family

With this challenge I have in mind the enormous value of this site as "A poetry playground for the child in all of us." Yes, the child in the adult still likes to play.

                                     — Kate O'Neil

You do know what today is, don't you?

Mike Licht

Nah, I'm not talking about Black Friday. Try again?

Steve McFarland

Why, yes, it IS National Leftovers Day, but that's not what I'm talking about either. Give up?

It's our end-of-month poetry playdate!

University of Baltimore Special Collections and Archives

Now we're talking!

At the beginning of this month, Kate O'Neil challenged us to write a poem based on the sheer delight of words at play: malapropisms, ambiguities, unintended meanings, puns, clichés, etc.  Inspiration could be found listening to children, from newspaper headlines, lists of ‘howlers’ on the net, etc.

I'm loving all the different ways this challenge was interpreted! Apparently the Ditty of the Month Club takes wordplay very seriously.

                                        See for yourself—

Daniel X. O'Neil

Gabriela B.

To peruse our fun factory, scroll through the poems below or CLICK HERE to open a new tab.

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Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the fun and especially to Kate for inspiring us all with such a lively challenge! 

For those of you who haven't yet, there's still time to get your ducks in a row and contribute a ditty... but you better get quackin'!


Visit Kate's spotlight interview for instructions and then click on the pink dot with the plus sign to add your poem to the padlet. While there aren't many days left in November, I'll be leaving this padlet open indefinitely, so feel free to add to it at any point in the future.

I'm feeling ever-so-grateful for friends who are featuring The Best of Today's Little Ditty 2017-2018 today! Don't miss Michelle Kogan's review with poems of thanks and hope, Buffy Silverman's review with seven poems from Melissa Manlove's "comparison poems" challenge, Christie Wyman's ditty from the "window poems" challenge, and Kay Jernigan McGriff's expression of gratitude at A Journey Through the Pages. Thank you, Buffy, Christie, Kay and Michelle!
Expat Bridget Magee is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup from Switzerland. (Road trip!!!) Join her for some fun of her own at wee words for wee ones.


  1. There is a marvelous variety of poems this month, Michelle. Thank you for the fun post that surrounds the poems. I love those ducks that need to get 'quackin'.

  2. All these poems are so much fun to read. I'm looking forward to next month's challenge!

  3. I must have had *uite a month, to miss this whole challenge! I hope to rise to the occasion in the last few days and I look forward to see what others have been cooking up. Thanks, Michelle--looking forward to the arrival of my TLD3!

  4. What a fabulous collection of poetry this challenge has generated! I have been wowed again and again by the creativity and clever wordplay. Well done!!

  5. Another wealth of words shared! I can't wait for the next challenge because I (mostly) have my reading/writing life back!

  6. These poems are so clever! Sorry I missed this fun challenge.

  7. You're so good at being playful, M.! (Love that photo of the kids on the car :-) ) It's been fun.

  8. Once again you have provided an invaluable space for creativity to flourish, Michelle! Thank you to Kate for the inspiration for the amazing creations featured on the Padlet. I never quite got it together this month to contribute, but I'll be looking for the next challenge. =)

  9. These are all such fun! I love all the different ways people approached this challenge--and as usual, your post to wrap it up makes them all shine even brighter!

  10. Great post Michelle, I'm smiling wide from all these tongue-twisting word play poems–what fun–and fun pics too (tried to pull the kids on the car off to save for facial expression–but I don't think it wanted to leave your post)–thanks! xo

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Can't imagine why the kids wouldn't cooperate with you, but try clicking on the link in the photo caption and downloading it from the original source.