Thursday, November 28, 2019

DMC: "Let's Talk Turkey" by Janie Lazo



The thing that I’m most thankful for
On this Thanksgiving Day
As I gobble, gobble yummy food
And then run out to play
Is that I am The Who I am
And while that is still murky
I’m thankful that I wasn’t born
A plump Thanksgiving Turkey

© 2019 Janie Lazo. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Kate O'Neil has challenged us to write a poem with words at play—malapropisms, ambiguities, unintended meanings, puns, clichés, etc. Read my interview with Kate HERE and add your wordplay poem to the padlet.

All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration tomorrow, Friday, November 29th.


  1. Giving thanks for this fun poem, Janie! (I may have given it a different voice than you intended with my addition of the adorable picture, but I think it works, don't you?) Happy Thanksgiving! :D