Wednesday, November 20, 2019

DMC: "Rosemarried" by Tabatha Yeatts

Dandelion seed caught in a spider's web in a rosemary bush, by Sprogz


Rosemary married Dandelion
on a fine summer's day
and before Basil became Pesto,
they had a baby on the way.

With a fine prickly body
and a wild crop of hair,
this bright little fellow
made the whole garden stare.

They knew where he had been
no matter where he went
for this mane attraction
was truly heavenscent.

© 2019 Tabatha Yeatts. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Kate O'Neil has challenged us to write a poem with words at play—malapropisms, ambiguities, unintended meanings, puns, clichés, etc. Read my interview with Kate HERE and add your wordplay poem to the padlet.

While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, November 29th.


  1. Yeah. Ditto what Linda said. So clever, Tabatha! I think I'd like to clone that little one and have them run amuck in the streets of Washington, DC. :D

  2. Well, I love it all, but that "mane... heavensent" is priceless, Tabatha.

  3. You found a dandelion/rosemary photo to go with it! Thanks, M., and thanks, Kate!

  4. Oh, this is simply wonderful! So clever!!! Ditto what Linda B. said!

  5. Just brilliant, Tabatha! I love both rosemary and dandelions. Eat them all the time. A marriage made in heaven for sure.
    Will never look at them the same way. Thank you.


  6. Ah, I can almost smell that lovely rosemary scent through the computer screen! Great poem!