Monday, November 18, 2019

DMC: "Pecan't" by Kim Norman

Pecans from Homestead and Gardens, by John and Anni Winings


Autumn finds me and my neighbors outdoors,
tackling raking and gardening chores.
Nobody weights the crop; nobody counts it;
the running debate is how to pronounce it.

The couple next door, who can't know more than WE can,
insists that their specialty pie is a PEE-can.
Ed, on the corner, contends that our lawns
are salted and peppered with pounds of pe-CAWNS.

HE says we can't agree, I say we CAN
achieve a consensus about the pe-CAN.
The point of this ditty, you may have inferred:
I've harvested three different rhymes from one word!

© 2019 Kim Norman. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Kate O'Neil has challenged us to write a poem with words at play—malapropisms, ambiguities, unintended meanings, puns, clichés, etc. Read my interview with Kate HERE and add your wordplay poem to the padlet.

While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties this month, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, November 29th.


  1. Ha! It's a big day for you, Kim! I just noticed that Renée is featuring GIVE ME BACK YOUR BONES on YouTube today too. :D I love this hilarious pecan poem (...or maybe "pecawn" poem). I think it might be the first one you've contributed to the Ditty of the Month Club, no? Selfishly, I hope there will be many more!

  2. So clever! I can't help but think of the "proud to partake of your pee-can pie" scene from When Harry Met Sally. (Less memorable than the "I'll have what she's having" scene, but I've memorized a lot of dialogue from that movie...).

  3. It's a wonderful poem that lets us know there are more ways to rhyme if only we listen! Love it! And wanted to tell you that I loved your book, Give Me Back My Bones, also. Thanks, Kim & Michelle!

  4. Wow, thanks, guys! I added a current copyright to the poem, but I actually wrote it years ago, probably even before I was published. We had a big harvest this year, which reminded me of it when I saw Michelle's challenge. I adore word play. Can't wait to see what others come up with. And yes! Thank you, I'm so excited about Renee's video about GIVE ME BACK MY BONES. She knows all that stuff about poetry I can never remember. I learned a thing or two *myself* watching her video. She's the best.

  5. So clever! We say pe-cawn where we live, but I've heard pee-can farther north where the southern drawl is more apparent. Whichever way you say it, they are delicious!

  6. Delicious poem Kim, love your word play here! I'd eat them regardless of how they are pronounced.

  7. As they say in Maine, "This is wicked clever!"

  8. This is fun. I love the way you played with this word. I think I'm in the PEEcan camp, but the other ways sound right too.