Thursday, September 12, 2019

A DMC Meet and Greet

"Shadow meets Mirror" by Markus Koller

The wise and illustrious ditty master, Dr. Seuss, once wrote, "There is no one alive who is youer than you."  So true! And thanks to Jane Whittingham's DMC challenge for September, I've been having the best time hobnobbing with the "all-about-me" acrostics that have found their way onto the padlet so far. All back-to-school open houses and PTA meet and greets should be this much fun! Wouldn't it be great to see what a classroom of students might come up with?

I've learned about your dreams—

Cheriee is an aging dreamer
Hoping for a healthy planet
Even when the news is dire, she
Resists despair, revelling in nature, but
Is afraid of spiders,
Entrancing as they may seem to
Everyone else
                    © Cheriee Weichel, 2019

and aspirations,

Lost in thoughts
Imagination whirling
Next poem, book, task
Determines the days
Accomplishments appreciated

Undecided, but always
                     © Linda Baie, 2019

your writing strategies—
Linda likes to pen poetry
Iambic and non-rhyming schemes
Noting word syllable counts
Drafts and revisions – look out!
Anyone’s fair game for her themes

                    © Linda Mitchell, 2019

Just a writer and a poet
Always  jotting notes and such.
Never tires of seeking whimsy
In kind words that move and touch.
Ever writing, ever writing, ever writing.

                    © Janie Lazo, 2019

and culinary preferences,
Joyce adores 
Olives, roti, miso soup and 
Yearns to taste
Cultural meals that don’t include
                    © Joyce Ray, 2019

Cindy eats handfuls of cherry tomatoes.
In her garden she digs up potatoes.
Never resists a good mystery book.
Doesn't ever desire to cook.
Yearns for dark chocolate to be totally calorie free.

                    © Cindy Breedlove, 2019

your inclinations toward travel—
Doing whatever I can to
Accrue more funds to
Venture forward again and again
In a quest to explore
Distant (and not so distant) lands.

                    © David McMullin, 2019

Kathleen is
A lady who likes to
Travel to different countries 
Having already been to all 50 states.
Loves reading and writing poetry,
Especially haiku,
Even if she doesn’t quite get all the 
                    © Kathleen Mazurowski, 2019

and the ways you find your bliss at home,
Can perch for hours in her backyard
Oasis―observing, listening, communing―picture taking;
Reveling in the buzziness of bees and antics of squirrels, all
Yielding as much joy as flowers of sun and glories of morning.
Can perch for hours in her backyard
Oasis, oblivious of time―totally immersed.
Re-energized. Inspired. Amused . . . by
Robins sparring for equal time at the bath. 
And bunny rabbits nibbling greens they should not.
Daily wonders, weaving joy into poems-pics-books
One-of-a-kind      spun the Cory-can way.
                    © Cory Corrado, 2019

and I can't wait to be introduced to many more of your all-about-me acrostics over the coming days! Post 'em HERE.

Laura Purdie Salas is hosting this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Writing the World for Kids. Congratulations are in order for the release of her latest nonfiction rhyming picture book—Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle! Be sure to enter her giveaway for a signed, personalized copy.


  1. Since I just posted today, I read through everyone else's, Michele. What fun they are and I love how you organized them into what was revealed. It would be very fun to have students write these, at the beginning of the year, then maybe at the end, too, and compare? Thanks!

  2. These are wonderful! And I was feeling sorry for myself because Liz is so short and Elizabeth is so long, but now I think I should simply give it a try. : )

  3. These are delightful and mine was just fun to write!

  4. I love everyone else's ditty. I think I must have been hungry!

  5. This was a very fun challenge. I love getting little peeks into everyone's lives.

  6. These are fabulous! I love learning a little more about my poetry friends. I’m still struggling with the too short Kay but too long to include full name. Like Liz, I’m going to have to give it a whirl and see what I come up with.

  7. Definitely fun reading through these acrostics that are filled with the poet's life and interests. I'm planning on carving out some time to write one… Just wrote one for my son who turned 25, his was short and sweet with only 4 letters. Thanks for the fun categories too Michelle!

  8. This is fun! Thanks for sharing. I agree, this would be a great exercise for students. I do think the challenge with this would be helping people break out of the "trying to fit in" mindset and be honest which will really help students connect. But that whole "be honest about ourselves with each other" is a tough thing for everyone not just students. Thanks for sharing!

  9. These are awesome! It's s fun to see what people choose to focus on and are willing to share:>)

  10. Whooo hooo! What fun to read these. Makes me feel like a kid with all the other writer-kids. Fun!

  11. Cheriee, I'm with you on spiders (and I think we have company). I love Linda B's undecided enthusiasm, Joyce's tasty theme, Linda M's wide-ranging eye. *All* the poems have their own charms, like the poets themselves.

  12. I enjoyed getting to know a little more about our poetry friends! Very nice!

  13. These are wonderful, Michelle! I've been tinkering around with the challenge and found myself moving into fictionalized small moment scenes instead, which has been quite interesting! I'm not sure they quite fit the "all about me" idea of the challenge, so I'm still working on one for that. Thanks for sharing these today and giving us a peek into so many poets' lives!