Thursday, November 19, 2015

DMC: "Kindness on the Breeze" by Janie Lazo

Kindness on the Breeze

A tiny home of twigs and moss
A magical retreat
A tiny tyke would spread his wings
To fly- his greatest feat.
But on the breeze he faltered
and soon fluttered to the ground
Stunned he lay in silence-
seeing danger all around.
His mother - in a tizzy -
quickly flitted to and fro
But her baby bird was helpless -
where he was - she could not go.
Soon small hands were wrapped around him
as he lifted toward the sky.
Little feet stood tall on tiptoes
as small arms reached way up high.
He was gently placed inside his nest-
all snug and safe and sound
A gentle act of kindness
in a world where love abounds.

© 2015 Janie Lazo. All rights reserved.

Rebecca M. Davis has challenged us to write poems about acts of kindness this month– the more specific and vivid the better.  Click HERE for more details.

Send your poem to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form in the sidebar to the right. All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, November 27th, and one lucky participant will win copies of two delightful picture books published by Boyds Mills Press: THIS ORQ. (HE CAVE BOY.) and THIS ORQ. (HE SAY "UGH!") by David Elliott, illustrated by Lori Nichols.


  1. Some little kids have the biggest hearts. You've touched mine with your poem, Janie.

  2. Thank you ladies! Happy you enjoyed it.

  3. I do feel that love abounds, Janie.
    I am so glad that you wrote this.
    I love imagining
    "A tiny home of twigs and moss."

  4. This is so sweet and touching. Janie, I love your poetry every time I read it!