Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DMC: "Robin and Kat" by Jan Gars

Robin and Kat

Robin, oh robin how sweetly you sing,
A lyric of springtime
Awakens the morn.
Robin, oh robin enticing, your beauty,
Enlighten the Earth
As sunlight is born.
Robin, oh robin you preen and you wallow,
As you bathe in the water
By the wood at the pond.
Robin, oh robin preparing for flight,
Through  meadows and valleys
And pastures beyond.
Robin, oh robin come set in the garden,
And tantalize nature
With plumage so rare.
Robin, oh robin gaze into my eyes,
As we lose our self-conscious
In hypnotic stare.
Robin, oh robin you captivate senses,
With feathers of satin
And breast plump and red.
Robin, oh robin a statue you stand,
As Queen Aphrodite
With muse in your head.



                                              You’re tasty too!

© 2014 Jan Gars. All rights reserved.

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  1. Oh Jan, what a wicked ending to such a lovely ode! I'd like to know who has the more devilish grin right now, you or Kat?! Nicely done.

  2. I should have seen that coming, with the robin being all enticing and tantalizing, but I was still surprised. In our house, the only way the cat will eat the bird is if the bird flies directly into her mouth, but the puppy might be interested in having the bird "gaze into her eyes"...

    1. That's just what I said to Jan when I read it, "I should have seen that coming." Keep Peep away from Ms Hypno-eyes!

  3. "Robin, oh robin" indeed! Kat is one persuasive critter with its "hypnotic stare". Love it! Kudos to Jan, well done. = )