Monday, January 27, 2014

Limerick Alley: Renée LaTulippe

                                                                         Photo: Mike Licht

Well, hello there!  

And welcome to the new (albeit temporary) face of Limerick Alley.  Are you feeling lucky?  By all accounts you should, because Renée LaTulippe is here today and she's brought a wee ditty that's nothing if not grand!

Those of us who frequent Poetry Friday already know what a treasure Renée is.  I can't say enough about her devotion to her craft and her generous support of the children's poetry community.  Renée's website and blog, No Water River, should be on everybody's list of go-to sites for children's poetry.  There, she offers extensive resources and an unrivaled poetry video library.  Her current video series, "Spotlight on NCTE Poets," features video interviews with Lee Bennett Hopkins to help preserve his personal memories of each of the outstanding NCTE award-winning poets since 1977.  Talk about a pot of gold!  You can find her latest episode, highlighting the life's work of Eve Merriam, here.

As I've gotten to know Renée over the past several months, we've discovered that we have more than a little in common-- our connection with theater, our love of performing poetry (have you checked out her 5 Tips for Poetry Performance that I mentioned last Friday?), our ambitious to-do lists and tendency toward perfectionism, our soprano singing voices, our dust allergies, and even our taste in international husbands.  Oh, and yes, to be sure, our love of silly rhyme.  So without further ado, let's talk potatoes, shall we?

                    POTATO HEAD’S LAMENT 

                    My features are carefully placed
                    to suit my impeccable taste—
                    until a young niece
                    is seized by caprice
                    and I am thus rudely defaced.
                    © 2014 Renée M. LaTulippe.  All rights reserved.
What the...?
You've left me speechless!

Guess we'll have to keep our eyes on you, 
Ms. Renée LaTulippe!

Seriously, though, thank you, Renée, for bringing your spudtastic sense of humor to Limerick Alley!

This spud's for you.

If you would like to join in the fun and have a limerick featured here in the future, please contact me at Michelle (at) MichelleHBarnes (dot) com, or by commenting below.


  1. Hey, I took a picture of a heart shaped potato recently also! Loved the limerick! Reminds me of Toy Story where Mrs. tells Mr. that she's packing his "angry eyes"!

  2. Perfect limerick from a perfect poetess! Renee is so talented.

    And I know what Donna meant; I thought of Toy Story too! :)

  3. Wonderful-my kids did love Mr. Potato Head! I don't have a heart potato, but do have a rock that looks just like a large baking potato! Thanks for the potato thoughts today Renee and Michelle!

  4. Fun post -- I used to love playing with Mr. Potato Head and rearranging his face. :D Renee is the Queen of Clever. The heart-shaped potato is just too cool!

  5. Michelle, you are too kind in your intro. All my eyes are teary...

    Another thing in common - I had a miraculous heart-shaped potato once that I liked so much I carried it with me, hidden in the toe of a sock, when I moved back to the States for a spell. Haha! Not sure what spuderific fate that potato met after my grand potato smuggling escapade...

    Thanks so much for hosting poor Mr. Potato Head. ("Pack the angry eyes" -- HAHAHA!)

    1. Fate works in mysterious ways! The pleasure is all mine to host you today, Renée. :)

  6. Thanks for the great limerick, Renee (defaced...ha!) and the clever photos and post, Michelle.

  7. What a fun limerick by the always entertaining Renee!!!

    So, Renee, did you have that sock on or off? I pictured you limping around with a heart-shaped potato in your sock and coming up with a corn! (Hee hee...couldn't resist the vegetable joke!)

    Thanks for sharing Renee's limerick with us in such a fun post, Michelle!

  8. Renee is so clever and absolutely generous on her website. I visit often. Like Penny, I was imaging Renee hobbling with a potato toe. Thanks for sharing this bit of humor on such a grey and cold day.

  9. What a fantastic limerick by a very talented lady! I, too, had a heart shaped potato once, until my daughter turned it around one day and called it a butt. I have to admit it kind of felt odd keeping it after that! Thanks for the post! :)

  10. Very fun! I love the use of defaced!

  11. This is an adorable limerick, Michelle! (And I love the potato pics!)

  12. Penny! Grooooan on the veggie joke (I secretly loved it). But no, the potato sock was NOT on my foot at the time. HA! can see where that would be awkward. Tee hee.

  13. Good one, Renée! :0)

  14. "Idaho" where I've been that I missed this spud-tacular limerick from Renee! Poor Mr. Poem-tato Head!