Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haiku Garden: Anastasia Suen

Today we're getting back to basics, which seems fitting for "Back to School" week.  I can't think of many people as qualified to help with this task than today's special guest, Anastasia Suen.

As the author of 169 books for children and adults, a Booklist's Quick Tips for Schools & Libraries columnist, a literacy blogger, a children's literature consultant for several publishers, a former K,1,5, & 6 teacher who visits schools to teach the six traits of writing, and a former Staff Development for Educators, UNT and SMU instructor who teaches writing workshops online, I feel fairly confident that we are in good hands!

Here she is with today's little ditty:

                     WHY HAIKU?

                     Why haiku? This short
                     form only gives you enough
                     room for essentials.

                     Copyright © 2013 Anastasia Suen All Rights Reserved.

Who knew someone so busy could find time to be clever as well!

The terse style of writing found on her poetry blog, Poet! Poet!, can be fun or insightful, but it is always a pleasure to read.  What's more, Anastasia's participation in Poetry Friday is simply dessert after a week-long blogging feast at Booktalking.  There, she writes every day about about fiction and non-fiction in the kidlitosphere, ranging from board books all the way through young adult.

Like I said, busy lady!  Thank you, Anastasia, for taking time out to grab a deep breath with us here in the Haiku Garden.

Rock Garden, by Russell Yarwood (Costa Mesa, USA) via Wikimedia Commons

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