Monday, April 22, 2013

Teardrops: an Earth Day haiku

Today's little ditty... well... my original plan was to head off to the library and find the perfect poem in celebration of Earth Day.  To be sure, there is a lot to celebrate about our beautiful planet!  But, as luck would have it, I saw a squirrel get hit by an SUV on my morning walk.  As I used a stick to gingerly move it to the side of the road (no sense in letting another car add insult to injury), I thought about this poor creature as a reflection of Mother Earth herself, and thus this poem was born.  It's a little darker than what I would typically like to post here, but I hope you can appreciate the optimism.

A trickle of blood
from the eyes of our Mother…
but it’s not too late.

© 2013 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes.  All rights reserved.

1 comment:

  1. The connection you draw between the poor squirrel and Mother Earth is just right. Let's hope it's not too late. I, too, want to be optimistic.