Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DMC: "Dictionary" by Jessica Bigi

In September 2016, Jane Yolen challenged us to write a poem that features reading or writing in the form of a septercet. It's a form she invented that has three-line stanzas (as many as you like), each line with seven syllables.


Rocket-shouter of Knowledge
Alphabet laces looping
Reading-coasters of learning

© 2017 Jessica Bigi. All rights reserved.

The DMC challenge for National Poetry Month is to contribute to our Ditty Potluck. Follow the guidelines for any one of the last 28 challenges, choosing from the following recipes:
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Post your poem on our April 2017 padlet and be sure to indicate which challenge you are responding to.  All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, April 28th, and one lucky participant, chosen randomly, will select from the following:

Option 1: A set of 8 copies of The Best of Today's Little Ditty: 2014-2015 to use with a classroom or extracurricular group.

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Option 3: A $25 gift card if you already have all the copies of The Best of TLD you need.


  1. Fun descriptions of the dictionary-amusement park!

  2. I love the idea, Jessica, and those "Alphabet laces looping."

  3. Love this take on the dictionary, Jessica. A tool for readers and writers? Heck, no. The dictionary is a wild coaster ride!

    1. Thank you Michelle I chose this type of poem because the first time it thought me a different form of a poem and helped me understand counting syllables witch I had never understood and I fount it lots of fun looking forward to reading everyone poems this month

  4. I always love poems about dictionaries and words. Reading-coasters, great word.

  5. I apologize for not commenting everyone's pomes lately I wasn't felling wail and I just had seaurgry and am doing beater now so I hope to get back to reading everyone poems real soon I haven't ben on lot lately just resting but plan to be on moor now