Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DMC: "Fear" by Sherry Howard


Fear chilled his being,
tap-danced across
locked memories,
threatened to drag
them to the surface
where they would 
bounce and react,
a nuclear fusion.

© 2017 Sherry Howard. All rights reserved.

Jeannine Atkins has challenged us to write a poem that uses personified feeling. For more details, click HERE. Jeannine offers the following guidance to those feeling stuck: 
"Maybe start with a character in motion and think of her main feeling. Then let her or him speak to Joy, Anxiety, Peaceful Nature, Curiosity, Grief, etc to set a dialog back and forth. Or here's a prompt: Happiness, where are you? — let Happiness answer."

Post your poem on our February 2017 padlet.  All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, February 24th, and one lucky participant will win a personalized copy of her latest novel-in-verse from Atheneum Books/Simon & Schuster:


  1. Thanks for contributing your poem, Sherry. I love the connection between tap-dancing and memories bouncing and reacting. Also, your last line sums up fear perfectly!

  2. Love that "tap-dancing across locked memories", Sherry. Our minds can play surprising games with us.

  3. Thanks! I have to thank you and Jeannine for the inspiration. It's not something I'd have thought of without the challenge and prompt!

  4. I can totally picture fear doing that!

  5. A "chilling" depiction of fear indeed!