Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DMC: "life flutters" by Matt Forrest Esenwine

life flutters, frenzied
against cold window-prison
until gentle hands

© 2016 Matt Forrest Esenwine. All rights reserved.

Diana Murray has challenged us to write a poem about an unlikely hero this month. Click HERE for more details.

You have until the end of TODAY (August 31st) to join in! Post your poem on our August 2016 padlet and I will add it to the wrap-up celebration HERE. One lucky participant will win a personalized copy of her fun new picture book from Roaring Brook Press:


  1. All you need to write, Matt. Among other attributes, heroes are thoughtful.

  2. I agree with Linda— definitely a case of "less is more." Also, I love ending the month with gentleness and compassion. Thanks, Matt!

  3. Love the contrast between the frenzied fluttering and the final line--nicely done, Matt.

  4. So much sad in so few words wonderful poem Matt

  5. Well done, Matt. Big message in a small package. I like that. Good choice of words--so important.

  6. I really like the line "until gentle hands" because who need verbs when poetry.

    1. Ha, exactly! I'll let the reader pick a verb and decide how the poem