Thursday, May 12, 2016

DMC: "The Mermaid" by Angelique Pacheco


My tail glistens in the sun
I long to be free to run
My transformation has begun
And my parents begin to shun
They don’t accept the human son
My Love and I long to have fun
The life I knew becomes undone

© 2016 Angelique Pacheco. All rights reserved.

Laura Shovan has challenged us to write persona poems this month. Click HERE for more details. You don't need to include the artwork that inspired your poem, but you are welcome to as long as I can properly attribute the artist/photographer.

Send your poem to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form in the sidebar to the right. All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, May 27th, and one lucky participant will win a personalized copy of her fantastic new verse novel for middle grade readers:


  1. I can't believe you were able to squeeze this story into seven rhymed lines! Thanks, Ange.

  2. Nicely done! I've always been intrigued by stories of mermaids and selkies.

  3. Maybe there will be more verses about how these two young (presuming young) lovers fair. It's real to me!