Monday, February 22, 2016

DMC: "Grandma's Ditties" by Linda Mitchell


In the history of ditties
there’s none so silly
as those Grandma knows
from when she was young.

     Tap tap-tap tap tap, tap TAP!
     Shave and-a haircut, two bits

When running a bath
She makes me laugh
with a cheerful sea-side tune.

     By the sea, by the sea
     by the beautiful sea,
     you and me, you and me
     oh how happy we’ll be.

And what about
my first day of school tummy?
Full of butterfly nerves tummy?
Her wisdom in song
helps me along.

     Make new friends
     but keep the old
     one is silver
     but the other gold.

And sometimes
at bedtime
Gran is outrageous
as I pull on my PJ’s
and brush my teeth
she’ll call out a ditty
that no joke can beat.

     Fatty and Skinny had a race
     Up and down the pillow case
     Fatty shouted it’s not fair
     Skinny lost his underwear!

I giggle and wriggle
into bed for the night,
pull up the covers and
turn out the light.
Grandma sings a ditty
before I sleep:

     I love you
     a bushel and a peck
     a bushel and a peck
     and a kiss around
     the neck.

If I’m ever a Gran,
it’s my plan
to be a little silly
with those I love.
Tapping, singing, rhyming too
If there’s ever time
for a little ditty or two.

© 2016 Linda Mitchell. All rights reserved.

David L. Harrison has challenged us to write poems inspired by the word "ditty" this month. Click HERE for more details.

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  1. Linda's gran is a grand singing grandma.
    "Grandma's ditties" has me humming as I head out the door.

  2. Terrific to put all these into your own ditty, Linda. I know them all except that pillowcase one, time to "memorize"!

  3. Aww! Good job weaving in all the ditties. I can see this as a picture book.

  4. So many of these bring back loving childhood memories for me too, Linda! Especially "Two bits" and "Bushel and a Peck." Another reason I chose to share your poem today is because of the Girl Scout ditty, "Make new friends." It's World Thinking Day— that song's bound to get a whole lot of air time!

  5. This is so fun! I love these old rhymes.

  6. What a nice way to introduce a new generation to these old ditties. Thanks.

  7. Linda: I love your ditty and I hope I'm the very kind of grandma that you tell about. I'll have to check with the grandkids... lol.
    Keep up the sweet work!