Thursday, October 29, 2015

DMC: "Johnny Loved Miss Jones, His Teacher" by Linda Baie

Johnny Loved Miss Jones, His Teacher

Johnny fell in love first day of school.
Sadly, he soon learned of the rule
that six year olds must grow up first.
He really thought his heart would burst.
She was not meant to be his date,
and Johnny had to wait and wait.
Through all his schooling, he kept in mind
this first heartbreak, and, now resigned,
he searched and found a new love true.
To all the memories, he said “adieu”.
This time, grown up, he found a match:
she taught first grade, a perfect catch.

© 2015 Linda Baie. All rights reserved.

Marcus Ewert has challenged us to write love poems this month– about relationships that seem unrequited, but which end up being requited after all. Click HERE for more details.

Send your poem to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form in the sidebar to the right. All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration TOMORROW, October 30th, and one lucky participant will win an autographed copy of his fabulous new picture book:


  1. Ha! If she taught first grade, she's still 6 years old! We never grow up!

  2. Sometimes we forget how tough it is to be a six year old. I love the happy turn of events and am glad Johnny eventually found his perfect match!

  3. Thanks, Michelle, Tabatha & Donna. It was fun to write, actually is rather a true story. I started teaching with first grade & one of the little boys I had was heartbroken when he discovered I was already married. Don't know the end, but it was fun to imagine it!

  4. Nice little twist at the end. Well done!

  5. P.S. I am a knucklehead for not doing the challenge. Will for November, though.

  6. Love the twist at the end and adorable poem Wisent one of the Peanuts carters in love with his teacher in one of the shows

  7. This is by far one of the sweetest poems ever, Linda! I love it! =)

  8. Love the ending of this little ditty. I know Johnny.

  9. Thanks everyone, love that you enjoyed my tale. Margaret, I imagine you do know a little Johnny!

  10. I love knowing that this is based on a true story, Linda! It reminds me of one of Richard Peck's stories.

  11. This is such sorrowful then happy love fun.
    The twist at the end is so complete.
    It hums with real love + real experience.

    And then yes, Linda gives the cute back note, in comments.