Monday, June 15, 2015

DMC: "Duck waddled through town" by Janie Lazo

Duck waddled through town posting flyers and billing 
that Woodpecker helped hang with his skillful beak drilling.
Goosander was sawing, Ms. Beaver was gnawing,
and Bear hoisted boards with his heaving and pawing.
But Moose wanted more for this leafy retreat-

an excellent tree house he meant to complete!
So he watched like a hawk and did frequent inspections,
and he pointed out flaws and minute imperfections.
His voice roared like thunder through his orange megaphone,
"Level!" He shouted "LEVEL" in a harsh, hurtful tone.
"This wall is not plumb and it must be precise!"
"You must read my blueprint! It's very concise!"
From the sting of his words Moose's friends felt defeated.
So they packed up their tools and through the woods they retreated.

© 2015 Janie Lazo. All rights reserved.

Corey Rosen Schwartz has challenged us to write a stanza or two about building a treehouse, using unpredictable rhymes of more than one syllable. Click HERE for all the details.

Send your stanzas to TodaysLittleDitty (at) gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form in the sidebar to the right. All contributions will be included in a wrap-up celebration on Friday, June 26th, and one lucky participant will win a personalized copy of Corey's delightful new picture book:


  1. It's no wonder I can't find any multisyllabic rhymes– Janie's taken them ALL! ;) Just kidding– there's plenty to go around. But your rhyming is most impressive, Janie. My favorite is your second couplet.

  2. Love the story & the rhyming-something to inspire!