Monday, April 27, 2015

DMC: "Edward Snowden" by Julie Larios

Edward Snowden
Rolled the dice & passed Go, then
Landed on NSA utilities
And had to pay ten times over for his abilities.

© 2015 Julie Larios. All rights reserved.

Kwame Alexander has challenged us to write a clerihew this month. What's a clerihew, you ask? Click HERE for details.

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One lucky participant will be randomly chosen to receive an autographed copy of THE CROSSOVER, which received the 2015 John Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.


  1. Love the ingenious Monopoly framework of this clerihew, Julie, and that clever "Snowden/Go, then" rhyme too!

  2. I too love that Monopoly game. Guess he thought he knew how. Clever, Julie!

  3. Thanks, Michelle! That was fun. Some kind of Big-Corporation framework seemed perfect for poor Snowden. I was always the one in my family that ended up owning only Baltic Avenue and everyone else had hotels all around the board. Don't remember EVER winning a game of Monopoly...and I feel for Snowden. Hope he gets a "Get Out of Jail Free" card and can come home.

  4. Great fun, Julie! I never won at Monopoly either. I just enjoyed the colorful board and the play money, haha.