Thursday, February 12, 2015

DMC: "Dear Maggenpie" by M. H. Barnes

Dear Maggenpie, oh magpie dear,

Your song is heaven to my ear.
Enraptured by your melody,
I sing your praise adoringly.

A Siren, you beguile, entrance…
Poor heart! I never stood a chance.

This helmet is my badge of shame
for when you swoop and scream my name.

I watch you nesting up above
and though you don’t return my love,
all’s well, my dear – I don’t feel slighted.

Yours forever,


© 2015 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. All rights reserved.


Australian Magpie Singing  
How to Keep Safe from Swooping Australian Magpies

David Elliott has challenged us to write a letter poem this month.  Click HERE for details.

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  1. Oh wonderful, it is entrancing! Love it all, but that ending is perfect! Beautiful rhyming!

  2. I learned so much about Australian magpies this afternoon--love that song, those swooping characters, and your wonderful poem!

    1. Thank you, Buffy. :) You would LOVE the Australian bird life. Actually, I bet you would love the Australian wildlife in general... the spiders, the flying foxes, the echidnas.... I hope you get to visit one day.

    2. Your magpie is enchanting...loved the link to the actual bird song. Your link to swooping precautions brought back memories of very defensive mockingbirds I have often encountered when climbing trees as a youngster. Wearing a helmet never crossed my mind.

  3. A fun poem, Michelle! I loved the link to their melodic birdsong. I'd love to some day visit Australia & New Zealand primarily for the wildlife!

  4. Love the signature line. Great stuff. Thanks.

  5. Oh your magpie was beautiful, and so melodious I can hear her singing in the distance… Many thanks!

  6. Thanks everyone. Your comments are music to my ears! ;)

  7. Fun! Love the slighted/unrequited rhyme.