Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haiku Garden: Diane Mayr

Today I am pleased as punch to welcome Diane Mayr, self-described casual poet, librarian, children's writer, and lover of noodles, to the Haiku Garden.  Huzzah! Huzzah!

Diane may call herself a casual poet, yet her haiku and haiga often blow me away with their profound simplicity-- bite-sized morsels of beauty and truth.  With a few spare moments in my day, I will often gravitate toward her blog, Random Noodling, for inspiration.

And just to prove my point, check out today's little ditty, this gorgeous haiga about wisteria-- "pernicious in its growth, but fragrant and lovely when it is in bloom," according to Diane.  (Art is from a Japanese book (1814), which is in the "Ehon: The Artist and the Book in Japan" collection of the NY Public Library.)

So am I right or am I right?  For someone reluctant to cut back her wisteria, Diane does wonders with her poetic pruning shears!

What Diane didn't know when she sent me this beauty, was that I, too, love that particular flowering plant.  In fact, seventeen years ago I was married under a magical canopy of wisteria.  It bloomed just for us... for our special day... 

Cutting it back?  Definitely not an option. 

Thank you for visiting today, Diane, and for taking me on that lovely trip down memory lane.


  1. Thank you, Michelle, for featuring my work today. I'm happy it struck a chord.

    The photo is lovely and that is one humongus pergola! It looks like a great setting for a wedding. Where is it located?

    1. It is such a pleasure having you here, Diane!

      We were married at Glen Magna Farms, in Danvers, Massachusetts. Bet you didn't know we were practically neighbors at one time. ;)

  2. I remember looking at their website when my daughter got engaged in April. She's getting married at the Stevens Estate in N. Andover in August.

    1. Ooooh, the Stevens Estate is gorgeous! I suspect you have a busy and exciting summer ahead of you-- congrats to your daughter!